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Under the sponsorship of the American Institute for Verdi Studies, since its inception in 1976 the Verdi Forum (formerly the Verdi Newsletter) has published essays, documents, and conference proceedings, which have contributed meaningfully to the scholarly literature on Verdi.  It also provided ephemeral news of forthcoming events and information of interest to members of the AIVS.  A list of articles published in the Verdi Newsletter is found below.

Now the journal focuses on permanent scholarship and is a peer-reviewed, annual publication under the editorship of Roberta Montemorra Marvin.  Guidelines for contributors are found below.

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In an exciting new development, selected contents from the Verdi Newsletter and Verdi Forum are available online in open access (free of charge). Please follow this link or see below for access to individual issues, and check back soon for access to new content.

Editorial Board

Roberta Montemorra Marvin

Associate Editors:
Andreas Giger
Steven Huebner

Book Review Editor:
Gregory W. Harwood

Guidelines for Contributors

The Verdi Forum invites the submission of articles on all aspects of music and culture related to the life and works of Giuseppe Verdi.  The editors welcome not only traditional source, analytical, and performance practice studies but also interdisciplinary contributions.

Submissions to Verdi Forum may be made electronically (by e-mail in a word-processing file readable by Microsoft Word for Windows) or in paper copy (three copies); if the proposed article contains musical examples, diagrams, or other visual material, these are to be sent in paper copies.  Bibliographic citations should follow the Chicago Manual of Style, 14th ed. All submissions should include full contact information, including an e-mail address.  The editors will also be happy to receive offers to review books, editions, and recordings of exceptional historic or aesthetic interest.  Questions and submissions may be directed to the editor: Roberta Montemorra Marvin (

Articles published in the Verdi Newsletter and the Verdi Forum

No. 1 (May 1976)
Martin Chusid, "On the Origins of the Institute"
Giuseppe Demaldè, "Cenni Biografici del maestro di musica Giuseppe Verdi" (Part 1), translated by M. J. Matz and G. Macchidani

No. 2 (December 1976)
David Stivender, "The Composer of 'Gesu mori'"
Giuseppe Demaldè, "Cenni Biografici del maestro di musica Giuseppe Verdi" (Part 2), translated by M. J. Matz
Martin Chusid, "Casts for the Verdi Premieres in the U.S. (1847-1976)" (Part 1)

No. 3 (June 1977)
Giuseppe Demaldè, "Cenni Biografici del maestro di musica Giuseppe Verdi" (Part 3), translated by M. J. Matz and G. Macchidani
Martin Chusid, "Casts for the Verdi Premieres in the U.S. (1847-1976)" (Part 2)

No. 4 (January 1978)
Mary Jane Phillips Matz, "New Verdi Documents"
Kenneth Furie, "Verdi Recordings"
William Weaver, "The Danville 'Macbeth'"

No. 5 (June 1978)
Patric Schmid, "Maddalena's Aria"
Martin Chusid, "Casts for the Verdi Premieres in London (1845-1977)" (Part I )

No. 6 (March 1979)
Mary Jane Phillips Matz, "Traces"
Marcello Conati, "Giuseppina Strepponi in Paris"
Mary Jane Phillips Matz, "Flying with Verdi"
Martin Chusid, "Casts for the Verdi Premieres in London (1845-1977)" (Part 2)

No. 7 (November 1979)
The Verdi Archive at New york University: A Brief History and Description
Catalogues of Materials in the Collection
As Yet Uncatalogued Materials (I. Operas; II. Nonoperatic Works; III. Uncatalogued MS Scenarios and Librettos of Operas not Completed by Verdi for Performance; IV. Letters on Film or in Photocopy: A List by Writers and Recipients [with approximate numbers of letters and their inclusive dates])

No. 8 (November 1980)
Martin Chusid, "Notes on the Performance of Rigoletto"
Andrew Porter, "Translating Rigoletto"
William Weaver, "Verdi's Town"

Nos. 9-10 (November 1981-82)
The Verdi Archive at New York University Part II: A List of Verdi's Music, Librettos, Production Materials, Nineteenth-Century Italian Periodicals, and Other Research Materials (I. Operas; II. Sacred Music; III. Songs; IV. Other Compositions; V. Additional letters. Appendices: A. Nineteenth-Century Italian Periodicals; B. Chronicles of Opera Houses)

No. 11 (March 1983)
Stephen Casale, "A Newly-Discovered Letter from Verdi to Lèon Escudier"
Clifford D. Alper, "Thematic Similarities in Early and Middle Verdi"
Abstracts by James Hepokoski, David Lawton, Martin Chusid, Andrew Hornick, John Nádas, Gary Tomlinson, Leonard Garrison, Harold S. Powers, Gregory Harwood, Richard B. Beams, William P. Cole, Albert O. Cordell, Marianne Davis, Loryn E. Frey, Ben King, James Mason, William E. McCauley, Stephen Town).

No. 12 (1984)
Roger Parker, "'Infin che un brando vindice': from Ernani to Oberto"
Steven W. Schrader "Verdi, Aroldo, and Music Drama"
Jeffrey Langford, "Text Setting in Verdi's Jérusalem and Don Carlos"

No. 13 (1985)
Luke Jensen, "The Early Publication History of Oberto an Eye Toward Nabucco"
Faun Stacy Tannenbaum, "Tonal identity in Simon Boccanegra"
Gregory Harwood, "An Essay-Review of Orchestre in Emilia-Romagna nell'Ottocento e Novecento"
Martin Chusid and Tom Kaufman, "More about the Performance History of Macbeth"
Abstracts by James A. Hepokoski and Roger Parker and Matthew Brown.

No. 14 (1986)
David Lawton, "The Autograph of Aida and the New Verdi Edition"
Martin Chusid, "Apropos Aroldo, Stifelio, and La Pasteur, with a List of 19th Century Performances of Aroldo"
Jesse Rosenberg, "A Sketch Fragment for Il trovatore"

No. 15 (1987)
Pierluigi Petrobelli, "The music of Verdi: an example of the transmission and reception of musical culture"
John Nádas, "New light on pre-1869 revisions of La forza del destino"
Martin Chusid and Thomas Kaufman, "The first three years of Trovatore"

No. 16 (1988)
David Rosen, "How Verdi's Operas Begin: An introduction to the 'Introduzioni'"
Peter Bloom, "A Note on Verdi in Paris"
Siegmund Levarie, "Un ballo in maschera: Performance Practices at the Met"
John Mauceri, "Verdi's Aida: The Music"
Sue Zheng, "La traviata in China"

Nos. 17-18 (1989-90)
The Verdi Archive at New York University
A List of Verdi's Music by Linda B. Fairtile
Preface by Martin Chusid

No. 19 (1991)
Harold S. Powers, "Tempo di mezzo: Three Ongoing Episodes in Verdian Musical Dramaturgy"
Sidney Cox, "The Berlin Traviata"
Abstracts by James Hepokoski, Luke Jensen, Allan Atlas, Roberta Marvin, Roger Parker.

No. 20 (1992)
Roberta Montemorra Marvin, "Verdi and the Metronome"
David Rosen, "How Verdi's Serious Operas End"
Linda B. Fairtile, "Two Appendices for Thomas G. Kaufman's Verdi and His Major Contemporaries"
Abstracts by Martin Chusid and Helen M. Greenwald.

No. 21 (1993)
Roberta Montemorra Marvin, "Censorship of I masnadieri in Italy"
Linda B. Fairtile, "The Violin Director in Trovatore and Trouvère"
Abstracts from the Belfast International Verdi Congress, Part I (by Roy Johnston, Roger Parker, James Hepokoski, Martin Chusid, Elizabeth Hudson, Philip Gossett, Kathleen Kuzmick Hansell, David R.B. Kimbell).

No. 22 (1995)
David Lawton, "A New Sketch for I due Foscari"
Martin Chusid, "Some Biographical Notes on Mauro Corticelli and a Previously Unpublished Letter to Him from Verdi"
Abstracts from the Belfast International Verdi Congress, Part II (by Roberta M. Marvin, David Rosen, Linda B. Fairtile, Mary Ann Smart, Mary Jane Phillips-Matz, Markus Engelhardt, Carlo Matteo Mossa).
Abstract by James Hepokoski

No. 23 (1996)
A Letter from Verdi to Antonio Ghislanzoni with a transcription and translation
Alma Espinosa, "The Tonality in Bb in Verdi's Ballo in maschera: Fate, Foreshadowing, and Dramatic Unity"
Jeffrey Langford, "Poetic Prosody and melodic Rhythm in Les Vêpres siciliennes"
J. Rigbie Turner, "George W. Martin's Verdi Collection at the Pierpont Morgan Library"
Abstract by James Hepokoski.

No. 24 (1997)
A Letter from Verdi to Léon Escudier with a transcription and translation
Linda Fairtile, "Censorship in Verdi's Attila: Two Case Studies"
Roberta Montemorra Marvin, "The Critical Reception of Verdi's Operas in England, 1845-1847"
Mary Ann Smart, "Verdi Sings Erminia Frezzolini"
Abstracts from the Sarasota Conference of Verdi's Revisions (by Martin Chusid, Kathleen Kuzmick Hansell, James Hepokoski, Harold Powers, and David Rosen).

No. 25 (1998)
Martin Chusid, "On Censored Performances of Les Vêpres siciliennes and Rigoletto: Evidence from the Verdi Archive at New York University"
Roberta Montemorra Marvin, "The Censorship of I masnadieri in London"
Sebastian Werr, "'Musica adattata all'intelligenza ed alle esigenze del pubblico': Giuseppe Verdi, Errico Petrella, and their Audience"

No. 26-27 (1999-2000)
First issue of the Verdi Forum

Essays in Honor of Martin Chusid
Marcello Conati, "Verdi vs. Wagner"
David Lawton, "The Revision of Recitatives from Il trovatore to Le Trouvère"
Roberta Montemorra Marvin, "Verdi, Nationalism, and Cultivation of the Folk Idiom: His Stornelli of the 1860s"
Harold Powers, "Cormon Revisited: Some Observations on the Original Don Carlos"
David Rosen, "A Tale of Five Cities: The Peregrinations of Somma's and Verdi's Gustavo III (and Una vendetta in dominò and Un ballo in maschera) at the Hands of the Neapolitan and Roman Censorship"

No. 28-29 (2001-2002)
Denise Gallo, "Verdi's Music on Mechanical Boxes"
Julia Randel, "The Name of the Daughter: The Role of Amelia/Maria in Simon Boccanegra"
David Gable, "Holding Pattern and Groundswell: Verdi's Mimesis of the Lyric"
Evan Baker, "The Correspondence of Giuseppe Verdi and Francesco Maria Piave, 1843-1867: A Preliminary List"
David Rosen, "Macbeth and Ugolino: Another Verdian Encounter with Dante"
Marcello Conati, "Appendix (Verdi and Tannhäuser)"
Kenneth Mauerhofer, "Verdi's Don Carlos and Beethoven's Mass in C"
Hilary Poriss, "Testing Textbooks: The Case for Italian Opera"

No. 30-31 (2003-2004)
Olga Haldey, "Verdi's Operas at Mamontov's Theater, 1885-1900: Fighting a Losing Battle"
Shiamin Kwa, "The Unbearable Lightness of Meaning in Verdi's Rigoletto"
Paul Rodmell, "'Double, double, toil and trouble': Producing Macbeth in Mid-Victorian Britain"
Alastair Bruce, Lord Aberdare, "Berlioz and Verdi"
Jesse Rosenberg, Review of Fabrizio Della Seta, Roberta Montemorra Marvin, and Marco Marica, eds., Verdi 2001: Atti del Convegno internazionale / Proceedings of the International Conference, Parma-New York-New Haven, 24 January-1 February 2001
Helen Greenwald, Review of Verdi Discoveries (Thibaudet, piano; Orchestra Sinfonica di Milano Giuseppe Verdi; Chailly, conductor)

No. 32-33 (2005-2006)
David B. Rosen, "'Gonfio di gioia ho il core (piange)': Verdi's Deception Scenes"
Agostino Ziino, "Federico Ricci, Bellini and a Presumed Verdian Plagiarism"
Joseph LaRosa, "Formal Convention in Verdi's Falstaff"
Alessandra Campana, Review of Mary Ann Smart, Mimomania: Music and Gesture in Nineteenth-Century Opera

No. 34 (2007)
Pierluigi Petrobelli, "Other Literary Models for the Aida Libretto"
David B. Rosen, " 'Si ridesti il leon di Castiglia la fiamma sopita': Ricordi's Censored Libretto of Ernani and Some Vicissitudes of the Conspiracy Scene"
Roberta Montemorra Marvin, "The "Introduction" to The Great Operas (1899): A Verdian Manifesto?"

No. 35-36 (2008-2009)
Roger Parker and Emanuele Senici, "Tribute to Pierluigi Petrobelli"
Philip Gossett, "Verdi's 'Skeleton Scores' "
William Rothstein, "Sonorità, and Tinta in La forza del destino (1862)"
Gregory W. Harwood, "166 Years of Verdi Biography"
Francesco Izzo, "The Collection of John Mazzarella"
Alexandra Wilson, Review of Gundula Kreuzer, Verdi and the Germans: From Unification to the Third Reich
Francesco Izzo, " 'Libertà o morte': I masnadieri in Naples" (review of the 2012 production at the Teatro San Carlo)

No. 37-38 (2010-2011)
"Remembering Martin Chusid"
Linda B. Fairtile, "In Memoriam Mary Jane Phillips-Matz"
Peter Stamatov, "Interpretive Activism and the Political Uses of Verdi’s Operas in the 1840s"
Denise Gallo, “ 'Repatriating' Falstaff: Boito, Verdi, and Shakespeare (in Translation)"
Bob Kosovsky, Review of Quartet (DVD)
Jeremy Tambling, Review of Jennifer Jackson, Don Carlos: Narrative Transformation in the Works of Abbé de Saint-Réal, Friedrich Schiller and Giuseppe Verdi
Roger Parker, "Giuseppe Verdi’s Don Carlo(s): 'Live' on DVD"

No. 39-40 (2012-2013)
Papers from the Cornell University Verdi Study Day 2013:
David B. Rosen, "Overview"

Charlotte Greenspan, “Verdi Biography via Film"
William Rothstein, "A Footnote to Harold Powers's 'La dama velata' (on Un ballo in maschera, Act II)"
John A. Davis, "Verdi, the Theater, and Risorgimento Nationalism"
Mary Ann Smart, "How Political were Verdi's Operas? Metaphors of Progress in the Reception of I Lombardi alla prima crociata"

David Lawton, Verdi's "Il trovatore": The Quintessential Italian Melodramma, by Martin Chusid

David B. Rosen, Teaching Company's Great Courses: Verdi

No. 41-42 (2014-2015)
Douglas L. Ipson, "Cammarano's Libretto for La battaglia di Legnano: A New Translation
Rodney Stenning Edgecombe, “A Note on Roderick Hudson and La traviata: What Has Gone Astray"
Linda B. Fairtile, "Verdi at 200: Recent Scholarship on the Composer and His Works"
John A. Davis, "Verdi, the Theater, and Risorgimento Nationalism"
David Lawton, Linda B. Fairtile, Emanuele Senici, "Verdi's Shakespearian Operas"

Scott L. Balthazar, The Operas of Giuseppe Verdi, by Abramo Basevi, translated by Edward Schneider and Stefano Castelvecchi, edited by Stefano Castelvecchi

Hilary Poriss, Verdi, Opera, Women, by Susan Rutherford

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